Quest Riot 10

  • 10 ft. length offers excellent maneuverability, and stable, multi-chine? hull offers performance suitable to flatwater, sheltered bays and slow-moving rivers
  • Rock-solid stability makes it perfect for fishing, photography and family paddling;
  • versatile size is great for adults and kids alikeadd comfort to the cockpit, and adjustable footbraces ensure a comfortable paddling position for any size of paddler
  • Rear hatch is easy to open and easy to seal, and rear bulkhead? enhances floatation when hatch is sealedRiot
  • Quest 10 also features a flushmounted rod holder and a drainplug

    Ascend D12

  • Advanced Hull Design:  Incorporates an extended keel with performance rocker and strakes for maximum maneuvering, tracking, stability and ease of paddling.
  • Removable Seating System:  Adanced ergonomic design with upgraded adjustment and comfort.  Delux seating can be utilized onshore and delivers maximum comfort for a full day on the water. 
  • Foot Braces:  Hands-free adjustable foot braes allow a comfortable fit for anyone approximately 5'2" to 6'6" in height
  • Drybag Dash Storage System:  Watertight removable deck plate with integrated watertight PVC soft storage bag
  • Multipurpose Sternwell:  Includes recess for 5 gallon bucket, baitwell, milk crate, cooler or doubles as a general space for a dry bag

    Mountain Bikes & Bike Trailers

  • Mens: GT - Size:  18" (medium)
  • Mens:   Nishiki - Size: 15" (small)
  • Womens:  Trek - WSD - Size: Medium
  • Kids:  Novaro - Size: 16"
  • Kids:  Diamond Back - Size: 14"
  • Bike Trailer:  Instep Sierra Bike Trailer - 2 Child